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Sep 13

How To Hold On To Email Love with Effective Campaigns

By Julia Senesac | Email , Internet Marketing , Local Marketing

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How’s it going with your current email campaigns? How about your own inbox?
I get a lot of email. You?  Though the death of email has been widely reported over the last few years, the numbers don’t lie. Email is alive and well and living in the many inboxes across your prospect list. According to IBM’s 2016 benchmark study, the non-holiday open rate for email in the US is over 21% on average. WOW! That’s a pretty good reach.

I make an effort to keep up with those I support by joining their email subscriptions and at least giving quick peruse when it arrives. From time to time however, I may have to clean up my inbox and that means I will have to unsubscribe from a few lists, which brings to the point of this post.

The CAN-SPAM Act requires that all mass business email have an unsubscribe option.

DO NOT make me enter my address to unsubscribe.

DO NOT hide the unsubscribe link.

DO NOT omit an unsubscribe link.

When I decide I need to unsubscribe, it had better be easy or else…I will mark that emailer as SPAM. I understand that I get much more mail than the average bear but making it difficult to unsubscribe is not only rude but illegal. Moreover, it’s just not the way to do business.

From time to time, I may want to shift an email to another account. In this case, again, I need options. Please, please, give them to me or I may unsubscribe just to alleviate the problem.

Occasionally, I may want to continue my subscription but get fewer emails. It is in your best interest to offer me these options – if you have them.

The money IS in the list but only if those folks actually want to be on your list.

If an individual wants to be removed from a list it may be as simple as the fact that they are getting too much mail. When the time comes and they have a need that you can fulfill, it is likely they will think of you. Or they may think of you and scowl if you made it difficult to unsubscribe.

Email should not be inflicted upon the recipient but rather be a source of information, offers and value to those that receive it. I love to get an email that I want to share with others.  Send me something I care about and I will be your troubadour.

So you choose. Will you inspire or irritate? Your return on investment depends on your choice.

Need help with your email marketing? We do that. Drop us a line.

Facebook Advertising
Jun 13

Facebook Advertising Just Doesn’t Work

By Julia Senesac | Internet Marketing

facebook-advertising2Facebook Advertising Just Doesn’t Work

I’ve heard this from a number of folks and admittedly I can understand that many have tried and many have failed. Still, with the right offer, tools and targeting, Facebook ads are one of the most effective in both cost and targeting of any ad spend out there.

We can very clearly target our potential customer on Facebook. More often than not the problem is when asked “who is your customer?” businesses answer “everyone”. Even if EVERYONE is your potential customer, EVERYONE is not a target audience. It simply must be broken down for advertising to be effective. That means a business may need a series of ads to reach different groups of likely customers.

Well, that’s gonna cost more right?  It may seem that way however in reality it will be more cost effective because a lower cost per click can be obtained by being more relevant to your audience and because you will be reaching the right folks, you will likely get a higher return on the spend overall. More will become clients.

Creating clear profiles of your target audience is no simple task. It goes deeper than 40 year old women in my city. The better you know your potential client, the more easily you can target and reach them on Facebook. We are able to drill deeply into the particulars of potential clients. Age, gender, family particulars, location, education, employment, hobbies, entertainment, causes, travel, and buying habits are all part of our Facebook profiles and all available to employ in our marketing efforts.

Given the opportunity to clearly target, we now need only to clearly define that target. Yes, that may mean we have four target audiences. That’s OK. The benefit is that we can craft the message to best connect with each audience. After all, I’m sure we would agree that a 40 year old woman will be impacted by a different message than a 30 year old male.

So, the good and bad news…It’s all good news! Facebook Advertising Just Doesn’t Work…if you don’t know how to use it. Facebook Advertising DOES work when employed correctly. As a business owner you can learn to do it yourself or if your business is a restaurant or dental practice or health club or retail store, maybe you would rather employ someone whose business is marketing and advertising to help you reap the benefits of Facebook advertising. It can be done. One just has to know how.


Feb 08

Reunited With Home Shows

By Julia Senesac | Internet Marketing

HBA Home ShowFor over 15 years I produced and promoted the largest and best attended home shows in the region. Though I have been open to event business over recent years, I have moved into the digital marketing realm and it takes my concentration so when contacted about doing a home show, I had to give it some thought.

Home shows are something I can do with my eyes closed, so the real draw for me was the ability to reconnect with my local business community. You see, working online all day long can sometimes be a bit isolating. I spend a lot of time in my office communicating with folks in California, Florida and Canada.  This event was a great opportunity to work with my local market.

I have jumped in with both feet. This show was in need of some change and we are giving it a whole new life. We’ve been busy and we think you’ll like our work. This year the Home Builders Association of Northern Colorado is building an All New Show. We have a new executive director, new show coordinator and a whole new attitude.

Our new exec. Greg Miedema comes from Tuscan where the HBA does two BIG home shows annually. I have over 15 years of home show experience, having produced and promoted the largest and best attended home shows in northern Colorado. We bring that energy and experience to the 2013 HBA Home Show.

We have a new floor plan, marketing and displays. The marketing to date includes;

  • Email (over 50k) to targeted Larimer and Weld county residents
  • A show event pullout in The Coloradoan and Reporter Herald featuring a  layout of the event and list of exhibitors as well as information and  articles around new homes, home remodeling, improvement and decorating. This will also be included in the digital version for those reading their news online.
  • Digital advertising on print media news sites
  • Social media. Like us on Facebook. We’re connecting to our members, exhibitors and community and sharing their posts.
  • A new website with event information for the public including exhibitor contact links
  • An email blast exhibitors can send to their clients and prospects letting them know they will be at the show.

We are producing and distributing an event poster. These will be placed in the store fronts of members and exhibitors, as well as at over 200 locations throughout northern Colorado.

We also have the support of members and exhibitors in promoting our event to the public. The event will be featured in the newsletters of some of the largest and best known real estate companies in the region, both print and electronic.  The event will be promoted on the marque at The Ranch as well as signage at some prominently located exhibitors.

Premier Showcase displays are new too. We are featuring two displays for the public’s enjoyment, a kitchen display and an outdoor living display. Exhibitors participating in these will be featured in our print and digital advertising.

Our theme for the show this year is Living Local. We will be including some interesting exhibitors from around northern Colorado. Great door prizes too.

We have added Friday afternoon for exhibit. We will close the show at 5pm and at 530, we ask our members and exhibitors to join us for a reception hosted by HBA. Meet our new exec. and connect with other members and exhibitors. This is just one of the HBA’s great networking opportunities. We have sponsorships available for the reception. Sponsors will be featured in our print and digital advertising.

As you can see, we HAVE been busy and we hope we have gotten you excited about the all new 2013 HBA Home Show. Interested in exhibiting? We would love to have you but hurry, spaces are going fast and we have a limited number of booths available. Call me at 970-484-6723 or reach me by email at

See you at the show.