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How To Hold On To Email Love with Effective Campaigns
How’s it going with your current email campaigns? How about your own inbox? I get a lot of email. You?  Though the death of email has been...
Facebook Advertising Just Doesn’t Work
I’ve heard this from a number of folks and admittedly I can understand that many have tried and many have failed. Still, with the right offer, tools and targeting, Facebook ads are...
Reunited With Home Shows
For over 15 years I produced and promoted the largest and best attended home shows in the region. Though I have been open to event business over recent years, I have moved into the digital marketing realm and it takes...
We Were Going To Have A Social Media Day Event But We Had A Fire Instead.
When I heard about Mashable Social Media Day, a global event held locally, I got excited. As an internet marketing professional that also has over 15 years of ...
Payment Solution for Small Business
Social media consultants have a reason to be excited. PayPal is making it easier for casual sellers, service providers and small businesses to receive...
A Good Social Media Presence and Sweet Potato Casserole Are Similar
As a social media expert and relationship marketing specialist, I never miss a chance to catch up with friends and colleagues. I love this business because...
Need Keyword Research and SEO
As a Relationship Marketing Specialist, Speaker and Coach, I speak to lots of people about the use of social media and Internet marketing. Of course, one of the obvious questions I often get is; "How do I get more Fans, followers and qualified leads?".  There are many...
Lewis Howes and Amy Porterfield offer FB Influence
I know you are already spending some of your time on Facebook chatting with friends, uploading pictures, and staying in touch... ...but it's time you leverage Facebook the Right Way so you can reap the benefits of it from a business point of view as well.
Press Release Strategies
"Press Release Strategies - Get Your Press Release Noticed - Benefit from empathy and timeliness - Rags to Riches/Small Town Local Makes Good" – The media loves these stories because...


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