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Julia Senesac

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Julia Senesac, Mother of Invention

Julia Senesac, Mother of Invention

Facebook Advertising

Local SEO, Content and Social

Internet Marketing Strategy
Social Media & Relationship Marketing
Content, Search and Social to improve our client’s bottom line.

Julia Senesac specializes in Facebook Advertising, Local Marketing, Content and Social Internet Marketing, She is a Strategy and Client Acquisition Specialist.

With over 30 years of business and marketing experience and a deep understanding of social business my team and she supports clients’ marketing needs with a strategic approach and a well stocked tool box. Having worked with a broad field of clients, responding to their needs in a variety of environments and circumstances, Julia an her team understand business owners and professionals. With that understanding, they listen, learn, think and then recommend the marketing strategies that help clients improve their bottom line.

Julia has mentored with Mari Smith, one of the industry’s leading professionals and has earned the University of San Francisco Internet Marketing Masters certificate. Coupled with her mastermind relationships and many years of business ownership and project management Julia is in the unique position of being able to serve a full suite of services.

Julia has two fabulous kids, and of course, Addie Cat. She lives in fabulous Northern Colorado with lots of recreational opportunities, surrounded by the stunning beauty and grace of nature. In her spare time, she enjoys cooking, entertaining, gardening, hiking, camping, kayaking, skiing and all activities relating to warm water and beaches. She also makes personalized silver jewelry.

I thank you for visiting our site and hope you have found value in these pages. We would love to help you achieve your goals. Let us know how we can serve.








Addie the Office Cat.

Addie likes to chase bugs, play ball on the spinner, and eat tuna of course. When it comes to keywords she really knows the long tails. Addie scratches out her best ideas on posts, does all our catalog work and is a purrrrfectionist when it comes to customer service.  Give her a call, kitty, kitty at 970-484-6723.




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