Facebook Advertising for Dentists

We’re Experts in Facebook Advertising
for Dentists

Facebook Advertsing for Dentists

Facebook Advertising for Dentists

We Specialize in Facebook Advertising for Dental Professionals

Write Web Marketing specializes in Facebook Advertising for Dentists, Cosmetic Dentists and Oral Surgeons, Maxillofacial Surgeons.  We can deliver new patients at a predictable cost on a regular basis taking the hassle and the stress out of your advertising.

Make More Money

The very process of Facebook advertising yields a very understandable ROI.  Because we have a clear grasp of the cost of acquiring a new client, we can help you increase your margins in your practice. Tried and true campaigns offer a study infux of new patients at a foreseeable cost.  Not only do these proven campaigns produce results you can count on, they do so at a price you can afford while simplifying the process. We’ll free up time you have spent on tasks you neither like nor are expert in.  It frees you to book more billable hours in the same work week.

Simplify Your Advertising

Take the time and confusion out of your advertising.  Whether you are a family dentist, a cosmetic dentist specializing in veneers and whitening or an oral surgeon doing specialized extractions and implants, finding your target audience has never been so simple or precise as it is with Facebook Advertising.

Targeting Is The Key To Success

We start with geography.  It’s likely 95% of your patients live or work within 10 miles of your office. So do your best prospects. We then apply demographics that meet your target audience. Want to serve more implant patients? With an understanding of your current patient base, we can target more of the same. Age, income, gender, etc.

Write Web Marketing has run many successful Facebook Advertising Dental campaigns that have been thoroughly tested and have produced quality prospects for professionals like you.  If you’re ready to grow your practice, increase your margins, and simplify the process let Write Web help you make it happen.