Facebook Advertising for Financial Planners

Financial Planners Understand ROI. 

We love working with Financial Planners because they understand the value of a client.
Advertising on Facebook offers clear ROI and so a complete understanding of the cost of client acquisition.

Facebook Advertising Offers Advanced Targeting.

Facebook lets us target potential customers with a number of demographic factors and additionally, modify that target with hundreds of “interest” categories. Geo-targeting can be so precise as to specifically select even a single address. Facebook advertising offers a number of platforms; Facebook mobile, desktop, right side, and Instagram. Advertising can be built to achieve greater relevance for our specific audience through various ad types including static ads, video and carousel type ads.

Reduce Your Acquisition Costs

If you’ve been spending thousands on dinner meetings, we can save you money.
If you are filling classes with a direct mail campaign, we can save you money.
Let’s talk about how we can fill your funnel with lower cost prospects.