Facebook Advertising Just Doesn’t Work

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Jun 13
Facebook Advertising

facebook-advertising2Facebook Advertising Just Doesn’t Work

I’ve heard this from a number of folks and admittedly I can understand that many have tried and many have failed. Still, with the right offer, tools and targeting, Facebook ads are one of the most effective in both cost and targeting of any ad spend out there.

We can very clearly target our potential customer on Facebook. More often than not the problem is when asked “who is your customer?” businesses answer “everyone”. Even if EVERYONE is your potential customer, EVERYONE is not a target audience. It simply must be broken down for advertising to be effective. That means a business may need a series of ads to reach different groups of likely customers.

Well, that’s gonna cost more right?  It may seem that way however in reality it will be more cost effective because a lower cost per click can be obtained by being more relevant to your audience and because you will be reaching the right folks, you will likely get a higher return on the spend overall. More will become clients.

Creating clear profiles of your target audience is no simple task. It goes deeper than 40 year old women in my city. The better you know your potential client, the more easily you can target and reach them on Facebook. We are able to drill deeply into the particulars of potential clients. Age, gender, family particulars, location, education, employment, hobbies, entertainment, causes, travel, and buying habits are all part of our Facebook profiles and all available to employ in our marketing efforts.

Given the opportunity to clearly target, we now need only to clearly define that target. Yes, that may mean we have four target audiences. That’s OK. The benefit is that we can craft the message to best connect with each audience. After all, I’m sure we would agree that a 40 year old woman will be impacted by a different message than a 30 year old male.

So, the good and bad news…It’s all good news! Facebook Advertising Just Doesn’t Work…if you don’t know how to use it. Facebook Advertising DOES work when employed correctly. As a business owner you can learn to do it yourself or if your business is a restaurant or dental practice or health club or retail store, maybe you would rather employ someone whose business is marketing and advertising to help you reap the benefits of Facebook advertising. It can be done. One just has to know how.


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