Facebook Advertising for Professionals
with High Value Clients

Whether you’re a structured buy-out specialist, orthodontist, cosmetic surgeon, financial planner, business or life coach, CPA, medical billing company or any professional with high value clients we develop and execute successful social media advertising campaigns to bring you more and better qualified clients. 

Reduce Your Cost

Client acquisition can be expensive. More, how do you know your advertising dollars are really producing results? We can absolutely track Facebook ROI. We can see exact results. We know exactly how many clicked, exactly how much it cost, exactly those that completed. Through testing we better reach your target audience. Better targeting leads to lower cost per click and ultimately better conversions. Re-targeting offers the opportunity to approach the warm audience. If it isn’t making money, we shouldn’t be doing it.

Advanced Targeting

Not only does Facebook collect the data and information we give them, they also partner with some of the largest data collection agencies and information organizations in the world. They know about their users and we can utilize that information to exactly reach your target.

Better Qualified Prospects

Because we are using advanced targeting our resources are focused on the best prospects available in the pool of possible people in any given area. We serve your ads to people that meet the parameters we have set up based on who you want to talk to. We segment to ensure we include of the right folks and exclude those that are not ideal.


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