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We at Write Web are Facebook Advertising Specialists.  We help you pinpoint your target audience on Facebook, drive qualified traffic to your funnel and ultimately, make more sales. Better than that, we do it with complete knowledge of client acquisition costs.

When you know the value of a client, you can set the budget for what you are willing to pay to acquire a client.

Paid advertising can help you fill your sales funnel. Google Pay Per Click helps buyers find you.  It’s the paid version of organic SEO. Facebook advertising on the other hand helps YOU find your clients.

Pinpoint Your Target

Facebook lets us target potential customers with a number of demographic factors and additionally, modify that target with hundreds of “interest” categories. We can also apply geo-targeting so precise as to specifically select even a single address.

Facebook offers a number of platforms including Facebook mobile, desktop, right side, and Instagram. We can serve static ads, video and carousel type ads to build greater relevance for our specific audience.

We Do It For The ROI!

What we appreciate the very most about Facebook advertising is the clear ROI. That’s what got us into this business in the first place; Being able to show our clients their adverting investment is really working. That gets us up in the morning.  We’re Facebook Ads Experts.  Ask us how we can show you ROI on your ad dollars.