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Google Local/Google My Business

Front and center of all local SEO is your Google listing. Google handles at least 70% of all search traffic in the US. Even if no one else knows who you are, Google must or you just won’t be found. It starts with your Goggle My Business dashboard and making certain all pertinent entities are listed correctly and connected properly.

Search Engine Optimization simply stated is a process intended to increase online visibility. It can mean many things, is an ongoing process and is often misunderstood.

For example, when the request for information about PIZZA is entered, and your company is Chubby’s Pizza, your goal is for Chubby’s listing to be displayed on page one of search results.

Every fragment of data, every keystroke leaves an indelible impression online. Given that, it’s only common sense to have an orderly plan for your online presence. Doing so helps you leaves the right impression.

Local Citations

Your company is listed via many online sites. Google is of course most important, but there are many others. Better Business Bureau, Yelp, City Search, Bing, YP, for example, as well as social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn all impact your online presence. Clean up and maintenance of your company’s listings is imperative for good search ranking results. As smart as the algorithms are, they only know what they are told. Make sure you’re giving them the correct information.

Reputation Management

Reviews, active tracking and response. For most small businesses, one of the most important pieces in reputation management is REVIEWS. Reviews help your company rank in search as well as sing it’s praises. Great reviews mean more business. Simple as that. Problem is, not all reviews are great. It happens to all of us. We all make mistakes. We’ve all had that customer that just can’t be satisfied. Regardless of the why, what’s most important is to BE AWARE if things go wrong and promptly respond to possible concerns.

Social Content

As we said here, every mention, link and connection matters. Relevant content, when posted consistently and correctly to your social media profiles builds presence resulting in better search results.


Just like social posts, reviews and citations, images are more “points of light” illuminating the path to your website. Correct naming is imperative to enhance the process and increase your presence online.


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