Search Engine Optimization

If you like to read or write, you may appreciate this statement more than most; The internet is based on the written word-every bit of it.

People come to the internet to ask a question or be entertained. A question MUST be asked to go proceed online. The way the internet sorts everything is by “keyword”.  When you search for a pizza joint in Poughkeepsie, the internet looks for content with the words pizza and Poughkeepsie.  A number of things influence how well (high) a site (content) ranks in search results. There are tips and tricks of course to boost results but far and away, the most important factor in site rank; Search Engine Optimization.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is achieved through the most effective use of keywords. There is a strategy involved in determining best keywords. They must be researched before site content is written. Once determined, keywords are utilized in specific ways to increase visibility to search engines.

It is truly all about the written word-keyword that is. SEO is both an art and a science. It requires practice and a methodology. Write Web knows keyword research. We consult on SEO for any business and implement on any WordPress site. Let us know if you want to increase your page rank, we can help.

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