Search Engine Optimization

The Internet is Based On the Written Word - Every Bit of It. 

People come to the internet to ask a question or be entertained. A query must be made to proceed online. 

The internet sorts  by “keyword”. When a search is made for pizza joints in Poughkeepsie, the internet looks for content with the words pizza and Poughkeepsie.  the more relevant, contextual and authentic the content, the more likely it will be served in query results. 

Many other factors play a part in SEO. For example, we love WordPress websites. Video has it's own special sauce and If you're local, you've simply got to have citation clean up. Of course key research is always important. Utilization of Google analytics and the search console are best practice.  

If you find this all confusing, welcome to the club.  SEO is both an art and a science. More, it's a specialized skill set. This isn't like connecting on LinkedIn.  Certainly the owner of a dental practice can't be expected to know it.

Let us help.


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